Secure the Transformation of Your Network

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As businesses across the globe grow, they experience two important changes:

  1. As organizations grow and transform to meet the changing realities of the market and respond to changing consumer behavior and dynamics of the competition, they inadvertently become more dependent on their IT infrastructure.
  2. As organizations expand their IT network with technology upgrades and automation, security loopholes appear (and go undetected) when new technologies and business processes are integrated with existing ones.

Security is a critical factor in determining the level of network readiness to further change and growth.  A Network Security Audit is a vital component of network maintenance and repair. It gathers, analyzes, and presents data in answer to the question:

How much do you understand the impact of your networks transformation?

How has your decisions to affect virtualization, integration of bandwidth hungry technologies, proliferation of mobile devices and incorporation of employee/customer mobility, and increased volume of data affected your network utilization?

Only a robust security network audit can assess that and give you the insights needed to make more informed decisions about securing your network.

Our Network Security Audit Service

We identify security lapses before they impact end-users, business processes, and applications

We offer cost-effective network security audits. Our audit gives you a simplified picture of your network, effectively showing bottlenecks and actionable recommendations for securely and cost-effectively expanding your network.

We employ a five-tier audit:

  1. Survey, Analysis, and Information Gathering
  2. Scanning and Assessment of Network Vulnerabilities
  3. Testing and Assessment of Penetration
  4. Verification of Vulnerabilities and Penetration
  5. Vulnerability Analysis

As a result, we are able to map and assess all of the following:

  • Network resources
  • Network’s bandwidth utilization
  • Different strengths and weaknesses of processes
  • Nodal analysis and technology streamlining
  • Existing upgrade and patch management

This brings to light the complete lifecycle and interconnectedness of all software and hardware deployed on your network. This allows our experts to perform a thorough analysis of the network and create an inventory report. This information will bring to light inefficiencies that could cause data loss. We will save you money by detecting possible areas for crashes, hacking and failed backups before they happen.