Accelerate business initiatives and remove inefficiencies by establishing a more responsive IT infrastructure. Virtualization establishes an IT atmosphere where all business computing resources are pooled so that software takes over — your business receives services as needed.

A commitment to creating borderless enterprises

iTernal Networks Virtualization services help businesses overcome the challenges posed by a globally distributed workforce and competition using collaborative technologies. We connect geographically dispersed user groups so that the business resources can be leveraged as a single, centralized entity.

We create a border less enterprise where employees, customers, and partners can seamlessly share significant and critical information and keep their businesses processes efficiently connected to one another.

We simplify your IT infrastructure so that it delivers rising efficiencies

We have the resources and the expertise to deliver a complete set of cutting-edge virtualization solutions that are cost-efficient, and which are capable of addressing your specific objectives and environments.

Once we have thoroughly assessed your company’s existing infrastructure, we will work with you to plan, design, build and optimize a virtual infrastructure that is responsive to your current needs, and is capable of anticipating your needs as your business grows.

iTernal Networks Advantage

Our software-defined virtualization approach offers many benefits, including:

  • Consolidating workload and hardware to provide you greater computing efficiency, lower cooling and power costs and the ability to migrate workloads between physical servers.
  • Enhancing business performance by spending less time hassling with maintenance, hardware and problem fixing with physical equipment.
  • Have greater flexibility and availability with a border less enterprise, allowing your business to stay connected with one another regardless of geographic location.
  • Having simpler management procedures by only needing to monitor one server rather than multiple.

Our virtualization experts are proficient in assessing IT infrastructure with long-term business goals in mind. We pride ourselves in collecting comprehensive utilization data to support the virtualization solutions we propose.

Beyond Server, Desktop, and Storage Virtualization

We are committed to staying at the forefront of the disruptive IT technologies. Hence, we have continued to evolve beyond dominant virtualization solutions: virtualization of networks, desktops, storage, and servers.

Contact us today and discuss how the best-in-class virtualization technologies can lower the density of your virtual machine and total cost of managing a virtualized environment.